Michele M.

Personal Reflection

In Chapter 8 Dawn asks the question, “What have you found that’s helping you in your grief?”. One thing that has helped me greatly is yoga. Grief nearly destroyed me. Three years after my husband died, I was still suffering and struggling with my grief and was only just beginning to get my legs under me again. When I found yoga, I began to heal. Actually, I always say that yoga found me. It saved my life; not in the sense that I’d actually be dead now, but I certainly wouldn’t be living my life as I am able to do now. Something about placing my hands and feet solidly on my mat and moving through the asanas centered me and seemed to quiet all the chaos I felt inside. I could hold all my thoughts and feelings together and they didn’t feel so wild. It allowed me to sit with them and sort through them so that I could calmly deal with them. It wasn’t just the physical practice and focusing on my breath that helped, it was the loving community I found in yoga and the amazing teachers who shared their incredible knowledge of the connection between mind and body and who continue to support me in my practice and my healing journey.

William W.

Terrific Resources for Others

This is a terrific resource for those dealing with short term or long term grief issues. Thanks Dawn.