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Download and print our helpful “Trail Notes” to record your thoughts.

As we travel through life, each of us encounters our own challenges, trials, adventure, and losses.  Life, including death, presents itself and we have to decide what to make of it all.  As Neil deGrasse Tyson says, “The Universe is under no obligation to make sense to you”.  It’s up to us to find ways to untangle the chaos of our grief.

THIS IS SO NOT EASY. Because it’s almost impossible to think straight when the person you can’t live without dies.

I think, for the most part, society expects us to bear the burden of our loss quietly and on our own.  But we cannot do this grieving thing alone.

We need help in whatever form that may take.  Whether it’s the love and compassion from family and friends, our spiritual faith, professional support, or the solace that can be found in Nature, we all need some sort of support system.

We know there are many who suffer from the sadness of loss and have found ways to not only endure it but to thrive.  If we, as a culture, talked more openly about it, maybe grief wouldn’t be so mysterious and scary and isolating.  Through story, we learn that we’re not alone.  Hence the reason for this special page on my site.

If you’d care to share your own story with our visitors, simply write us below. Share as much or little as you want and, after review, we’ll post it for others. Life really is a community, and we can find a sense of peace in the connection with others who share the same joys, the same heartbreaks, the same experiences in our complicated lives.

To help you in documenting your own journey, just download and print out our helpful “Trail Notes” and keep a record of your thoughts.

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